Kate Upton talks body image: "All women struggle"

It's hard to believe stunning top model and The Other Woman star Kate Upton could ever feel anything less than beautiful, but the 23-year-old has revealed her feelings on body image – and talked about her technique for overcoming insecurity during fashion shoots – in her exclusive interview with HELLO! Fashion Monthly’s August issue.


"All women struggle with the same things when it comes to body image," the stunning model tells HFM
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Even though the drop dead gorgeous star seems right at home in front of the camera, Kate admits that she is still conscious of her body. "I think all women are similar; we all struggle with the same things when it comes to body image and wanting to be beautiful," she tells HFM. "I’m the same when I’m on the beach with my friends or when there are paparazzi around, but being on a fashion shoot is like an acting job. I feel like I’m a different character, and that character doesn't get pangs of anxiety.”

And how does she maintain her girl-next-door looks? "I was a little tanorexic growing up in Florida, but I’m a lot smarter now," she jokes, before adding: "I love my dermatologist, Marjan Hafizi, who’s based in Beverly Hills. I’m obsessed. I also see a facialist at Advanced Skin Care Spa in New York City called Anna Antal. She introduced me to a skincare brand called Osmosis, which is amazing."

"I was a little tanorexic growing up in Florida, but I’m a lot smarter now," she jokes Photo: Getty Images

The blonde bombshell also recalled what it was like to begin traveling alone around the world after she began modeling as a teen.

"I started working abroad when I was 15 and my mom and dad would often come. The thing is with modelling... It just gets lonely. I pretty much had it under control because I travelled so much – land, go through customs, get in a taxi, go to the hotel, go to work… I had the whole thing down. But it’s not fun to hang out with yourself for days at a time. It can be a solitary profession."

The stunning model started her career at just 15 Photo: Getty Images

On the subject of movies, Kate has decided that it is time for her to make a potential career move. She tells HFM that she even takes acting lessons during her down time.

“I feel like I did a lot in modeling and there are other little adventures outside of fashion. I think both will be part of my career.”

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