​Why Coco Rocha's one-year-old daughter is already an Instagram star - with more followers than you!

By: Alexandra Hurtado

Coco Rocha’s daughter Ioni Conran is already taking after her supermodel mother when it comes to pictures. The adorable one-year-old, who has well over 50,000 followers on Instagram, is “good with a camera,” according to her dad James Conran.

“She loves a camera!” Coco told HELLO! at the ninth-annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on Saturday, June 4.


Coco and her husband admitted their daughter loves the camera Photo: Michael Stewart/WireImage

James, who handles his daughter's Instagram account, added, “That’s because she thinks it’s always someone FaceTiming her – she has her grandparents FaceTime her like every day, so she always thinks someone is watching her when you pull out a camera!”


Although Ioni has yet to master the art of modeling for a photo, her mother has a trick to getting her to strike a pose. She laughed, “I’ll say words that trigger certain things or if I say, ‘Oh no!’ she puts her hand on her head and that looks like a good pose.”

Despite Ioni’s love for the camera, Coco doesn’t believe her little girl will be following in her fashion footsteps. “I would never push,” the 27-year-old admitted. “I always think that any kid if your parents [are] doing something successful, you probably don’t want to do it. My mom is a flight attendant — [I] didn’t want to be a flight attendant. You just do the opposite of your parents.”

She added, “I don’t think [Ioni will] model, but hey if she does, then she’ll have the craziest momager and popager.”

While Ioni has plenty of time before deciding whether or not she wants to walk a runway, the Canadian model revealed that her daughter is currently in the middle of an important milestone of “trying to early potty train.” The mom-of-one said, “That’s been fun and now she’s repeating words.”


One particular word that the little Instagram star has picked up on is a new name for her mother. The businesswoman revealed, “She’s now called me ‘Coco,’ and I guess because she got a laugh out of that now she really thinks that’s what we should call me, so we’ll see how far that goes.”

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