17 AUGUST 2005

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There's no doubt about it Jack Osbourne is a new man. Once an overweight teen struggling with substance abuse, the son of Black Sabbath wildman Ozzie Osbourne has reinvented himself.

Gone are the thick framed specs and fizzy hair, replaced by a sharp new 'do and contacts. But it is his svelte new physique which has really got folk talking. The former reality star is down to a trim eleven stone after shedding an incredible five stones.

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A large factor in Jack's transformation was the documentary he made for ITV entitled Jack Osbourne Adrenaline Junkie, due to be screened on September 24. In it, the former wild child attempts to scale America's tallest rock face El Capitan in California's Yosemite Valley.

To prepare for the challenge he spent six months in training, including a month-long stint in a Thai kick boxing camp during which he lost 1st 7lbs. And since the programme wrapped up, the 19-year-old says he has kept up with the new regime, rising at 7am for a run, and sticking to a low-cal diet.

"People don't recognise me any more," he admitted recently. "I've been able to lead a normal life for the first time in years. I went to an award ceremony and stood on the red carpet waiting for the photographers to take my picture. They didn't recognise me..."

Even parents Sharon and Ozzie were stunned by his transformation. "It was a real shock to them," he says. "I hadn't seen my mum for a couple of months. She was so excited and happy for me because she used to have a weight problem herself."

Jack's not quite done yet, though. There are two more challenges on the horizon reaching his goal weight of 10st 7lb and a working on a sexy six-pack.

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Spotted dropping into London's Cipriani restaurant for a spot of - presumably light - lunch, Jack looked a shadow of his former self
Photo: Rex
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It was a very different story in September last year, when Ozzie Osbourne's once troubled son was snapped looking decidedly more plump
Photo: Alphapress.com