10 OCTOBER 2005

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David Beckham has admitted that the news on his son Romeo's state of health is "not that positive" and that he'd rather not talk about it, leading to fears that the little boy may be more seriously ill than had previously been thought.

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The three-year-old was rushed to hospital in Madrid, where the family lives, last week after suffering convulsions twice in four days. Since many youngsters have fits and they are not usually a sign of anything more serious, it had been hoped Romeo was just going through a fairly normal phase.

David's admission of deep concern over his middle son came after he was sent off during his side's World Cup qualifying match against Austria at the weekend. "It's probably been the worst week of my life because my son's also been in hospital," said the 30-year-old at a press conference later.

David said Romeo is all right, but that the latest news was, "Not that positive. I'd rather not go into that."

The whole family flew over to be with Becks for the match and so he would not be separated from Romeo while the youngster is under medical observation. The little boy watched the match with his mother Victoria at a hotel close to the Old Trafford ground, while six-year-old Brooklyn attended in person.

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David Beckham, Victoria Beckham

The Beckhams' middle son Romeo, pictured with mum Victoria last November, has suffered three fits over the past few months
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