Sally will pull her last pint in the Rovers as barmaid Shelley when her contract ends in eight months' time
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After leaving her fiancé at the altar, Shelley gives her wedding dress to Cilla played by Wendi Peters
Photo: © ITV

19 OCTOBER 2005

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Sally Lindsay, who plays barmaid Shelley Unwin in Coronation Street, is set to call time on her role in the soap. During her five years on the ITV show, her character has provided some of the most gripping storylines.

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Recently millions of viewers watched as she sensationally jilted her bullying fiancé Charlie Stubbs at the altar after months of mental abuse. She was also in a bigamous marriage with Ken Barlow's son Peter, played by Chris Gascoigne. Script bosses are unlikely to kill Shelley off, leaving the way clear for a possible return by the soap favourite, who picked up a best actress gong in September.

Sally had apparently not discussed her decision to leave with ITV producers, and stunned them with her announcement in a radio interview. Asked how life was on the programme she replied:"It's okay…but I have decided I'm going to leave." "What, you must be joking?" exclaimed the shocked DJ.

When her contract ends in June, she is keen to try her hand at other projects, after being left drained by her character's on-screen torment. "I fancy doing a bit of comedy," confided the actress.

Despite the challenging plotlines, being a well-known TV personality also had its plus points for the 31-year-old. On a recent visit to New York, Sally was given star treatment flight attendants, who turned out to be big fans of the soap. "I had a great time because the airline upgraded me both ways. The staff loved my recent storyline with Charlie Stubbs," she revealed. "So there I was, sitting in first class, sipping champagne and thinking that all those crying scenes really were worth it."

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