Jamie does the unthinkable. Fat-laden french fries are not the sort of delicious, nutritious snack Britain has come to expect from its favourite chef
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The Naked Chef usually uses a Vespa to beat the London traffic, but after a few too many school dinners, that might not be possible anymore
Photo: © Rex


17 AUGUST 2006

In recent times Jamie Oliver has become a champion of healthy eating, so his fans would have been forgiven for feeling a little shocked when the celebrity chef stepped out looking extremely overweight this week. The size of his problem became abundantly clear when the 31-year-old sat down on his trademark Vespa scooter and the two-wheeled runabout literally collapsed underneath him.

The Naked Chef's followers needn't have worried too much, however, as the popular presenter was actually wearing a latex "fat suit" to help promote his latest show. He spent four hours in the costume as he filmed a trailer for Back To School Dinners, which is to be broadcast on Channel 4 in September.

Britain's favourite kitchen maestro has been running a one-man campaign to get the nation's youth to give up their burgers and chips in favour of more nutritious fare. His Jamie's School Dinners series sparked a major national debate last year, with the government eventually announcing plans for reform.

The dad-of-two says many of the changes have yet to be seen, however, and he's determined to make sure education authorities keep their promises. And with that very thing in mind, he decided to give a clear illustration of the dangers of junk food by becoming obese for a day.

"It is a humorous advert which is intended to attract people's attention and make them take notice," explained a spokesman for the culinary whiz. "It shows what today's children could turn out like if they do not eat a healthy diet at school."

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