Tamara Ecclestone and husband Jay Rutland reveal they want another baby

by Emmy Griffiths

In an exclusive interview and photoshoot with HELLO! magazine, Tamara Ecclestone and her husband Jay Rutland say there is no truth to rumours their marriage is in trouble – and they want another baby.

Welcoming HELLO! into their luxury Swiss chalet, Tamara says she has been told by countless psychics that she will give daughter Sophia a sibling – and they all say she will have a son.

The interview with HELLO! is the couple's first joint one since their marriage came under scrutiny last year, when property developer Jay was accused – and later cleared – of helping a drug dealer evade capture years earlier. And, they tell the magazine, there was no truth to any rumours at the time that they were splitting up.


"I know the truth and it only bothers you if there's any truth to it," Jay said. "It's like water off a duck's back now and it annoyed me rather than bothered me because I had people ringing me asking if everything was all right. And I'd say, ‘Yes, everything's fine.'"

In fact, the couple are so happy they are thinking about adding to their family. "I would have another one tomorrow," Jay says. "In an ideal world I'd like three." However, Tamara has a slightly different view. "I can tell you now that three isn't happening," she says. "I do want another child but 2017 isn't the year. You never know what's going to happen in the future but right now I'm so consumed with Sophia and I'm still breastfeeding. I personally don't feel ready. My body doesn't feel ready. When I got pregnant with her I really, really wanted it and I was so excited and prepared, so I think I will know when the time is right. I would love to give her a gift that no one else can – a sibling – but it has to be the right time.

"Every psychic I've seen said we're going to have one more and it will be a boy," she adds. "But I don't see them anymore. Jay doesn't believe in psychics and mediums. He thinks you shouldn't live your life around what you think is going to happen."


Tamara was gifted the Gstaad residence by her father Bernie Ecclestone two years ago after he purchased another property nearby. And the couple have spent nine months refurbishing it, making the chalet the perfect holiday home for themselves and their three-year-old daughter Sophia.

"This was our family home while we were growing up, so I've been coming here since I was two or three," Tamara told HELLO!. "It's lovely to get away and spend time together, just the three of us, and we love the fresh mountain air and the silence. This is much smaller than our London house but so homely and cosy."

Jay adds of the four-bedroom, four-bathroom wood chalet with swimming pool and sauna: "This is somewhere that's really peaceful for us. It's so nice to come here and switch off the phones."

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