Ceramic range launched by iconic French brand

hellomagazine.com Le Creuset, makers of the popular cast iron pans, have launched a new range of ceramic ‘serveware’ ideal for going from oven to table.

The range is made from tough porcelain and is designed to withstand scratching, cracking and staining. Porcelain is also great at retaining heat as well as spreading it evenly throughout whatever you’re cooking.

The other benefit of porcelain is that the dishes can go from -18°C to 260°C, meaning you can take a dish from the freezer to the oven, put under the grill or in the microwave – and in the dishwasher.

In testing the new range was a pleasure to use – easy to clean and ideal for cooking lasagnes, dauphinoise potatoes and a bread and butter pud looked fantastic.

The range comes in 14 different shapes, from round to rectangular, starting at £12.

For stockist details please visit lecreuset.co.uk or call 0800 37 37 92

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