Easy ice cream

hellomagazine.com I see a fair amount of kitchen products here at Hello towers but rarely does one make me smile like the Kleeneze Microwavable ice cream scoop. It’s a remarkably simple but utterly effective solution to the age old problem of scooping solid ice cream.

The old style metal ones, even dipped in boiling water, are problematic and often result in ice cream being launched vigorously across the room – and wasting ice cream is a fairly serious crime!

It’s easy and straightforward enough – you just microwave the utensil for no more than 40 seconds and the end of the scoop heats up and slides easily through ice cream. Genius. The handle remarkably stays cool. Just remember that it is not suitable for microwaves over 850 watts, although you can adjust the power on most modern microwaves.

Microwave ice cream scoop available from the kleeneze.co.uk catalogue, RRP £3.85

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