Back to basics with Bill Grainger Our favourite Aussie chef is back bringing his cheerful style in his new volume Bill’s Basics. In the book, Bill Grainger takes 100 classic recipes and updates them for the 21st century, making a primer for those dishes that every home cook is keen to master.

Using his restaurant experience, Bill has made techniques simpler and pared down ingredient lists. And he's given these traditional recipes a modern tweak more in tune with the pace of modern life and our keenness to cook fresher, healthier food.

The book covers all manner of occasions from late suppers to easy brunches and lunches for groups of friends. Drawing on his Australian culinary background dishes vary from classic chocolate brownies to Thai beef salad, burritos and crème caramel – easy, tasty dishes that are a must for the modern cook.

Click here to read Bill’s recipe for pork belly with apple sauce

Bill’s Basics by Bill Grainger, published by Quadrille. RRP

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