Out of the ordinary

hellomagazine.com As the title of Stefan Gates’ new book suggests, there is nothing ordinary about it. The Extraordinary Cookbook is a remarkable journey through Stefan’s peculiar and brilliant culinary mind. He’s experimental, creative and still sympathetic towards tastes, textures and flavours.

If you enjoy playing with your food, creating show-stopping pieces for dinner parties or experimenting in the kitchen then the book is a fascinating read. Stefan injects (literally at times) light-hearted humour and fun into his dishes – but manages to keep them delicious and approachable at the same time.

Recipes vary from his twist on sushi to golden chicken incorporating ideas for dinners with friends like the ‘Hammer and Crab Party’ and wowers like glow in the dark jellies. Stefan is a genuinely charming, exciting and marginally eccentric chap and this comes across thoroughly through the book.

The Extraordinary Cookbook by Stefan Gates, published by Kyle Cathie, RRP £19.99

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