Chocolate treats to bake up a storm in the kitchen this National Baking Day

In case you ever needed an excuse to bake up sweet delights such as cookie cake, brownies, flapjacks or crunchy cupcakes, now you have one.

World Baking Day on Sunday is the perfect time to embrace your Mary Berry know-how and try baking something even more creative than usual. The global celebration of baking encourages everyone, whether you're a professional or novice, to get into the kitchen and bake something tasty.

So to shake up your senses we have four delicious chocolate treats that will have you popping the apron on in a second.

Crunchy cookie cake
This fabulous huge cookie even includes a new creation from Cadbury's, 'Cookie Nut Crunch' covered in delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk. Yum!



What better combination that chocolate and cupcakes? Cookie nut crunch cupcakes



These mini flapjack lollies include the new and explosive 'Jelly Popping Candy Shells' chocolate from Cadbury's... Chewy, fruity, flapjack lollies


Every chocolate-lover enjoys a mouthwatering brownie: Chocolate Betroot Brownies




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