Christmas recipes for a vegetarian-friendly festive menu

Going vegetarian at Christmas has never been easier.

Whether you've just become a herbivore yourself, or have a veggie coming over for Christmas Day, the hearty winter meal options – meat-free – are plentiful, with a splendid mixture of seasonal veg and tasty festive fillings.

Say sayonara to tedious turkey defrosting and noxious methane deposits and rustle up delicious, vegetarian-friendly dishes for a very veggie Christmas...


vegetarian christmas


For those after an in-season starter, look no further than parsnip and sweet potato soup.

The quick and easy recipe not only offers numerous health benefits for the family, but is a perfect sweet kick for the start of the special day. Rich in vitamin C and low in fat, parsnips are a delicious winter treat for those looking to enter January without those extra Christmas pounds. The exotic kick of sweet potato expands a foodie's traditional Christmas horizons, as well as being rich in fibre, iron and calcium. To make the starter complete, dip in slices of ciabatta to add to the taste and texture.

For a festive and vegetarian-friendly maincourse, get experimental with a winter spired brik pastry pie with pine nuts. This Turkish favourite is packed with spinach, apricots and sultanas, as well as some Yorkshire fettle cheese for a perfect British addition.

Fit to burst with variety, the richness of the dish will ensure that even the hungriest guests are satisfied. Topped with saffron for luxury, the Turkish favourite offers a refreshing alternative to the usual vegetarian options, with a quick and easy fried option.

Top off the three-course dinner in style with an impressive chestnut pavlova. Not considered a typical dessert ingredient, these homegrown nuts make a great combination with a zesty orange or blended with chocolate as part of a mousse. Although it may be slightly tricky to perfect that pavlova base, it can happily be prepared in advance and put in the freezer to alleviate unnecessary holiday stress. Add a dash of rum to the accompanying chestnut purée as a cheeky Christmas present.


 vegetarian christmas

And for those who fancy a festive tipple, choose red currant prosecco, making the most of the zesty winter berries on offer with just four ingredients to shake up. For those who prefer a refreshing beer at winter’s favourite meal, serve them a hot toddy with a zingy lemon base complete with the barrel-aged oaky spirit Armagnac.

The kids won't be left out either as “mocktails”, the term for the alcohol-free versions of beverages, are also incredibly easy to make.

Parsnip and sweet potato soup

Winter spired brik pastry pie

Pavlova with candied orange and chestnut mousse

A selection of winter cocktails

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