Marchesa's designers want ladies to have that 'Kate Middleton moment' in their gowns

By: Alexandra Hurtado

When it comes to womenswear, there is no denying that Marchesa is fit for royalty. In fact, the designers behind the high-end label, Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, want their fashion-goers to feel like the Duchess of Cambridge when they put on one of their glamorous pieces. “We love Kate Middleton’s style,” Georgina shared with HELLO!. “I think we like to think of every gown [for] someone to feel like they are her,” Keren admitted. Her co-founder Keren concurred saying, “You want to feel regal when you put on a beautiful gown.”


Keren (left) and Georgina (right) are big fans of the Duchess of Cambridge Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week: The Shows

The English designers, who are partnering with Stella Artois and for the “Buy A Lady A Drink” campaign to support the end of the global water crisis, are “big fans” of the royal mom-of-two and her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. Georgina admitted, “I remember so clearly Princess Diana’s wedding and that just being such a monumental occasion in my childhood. I had the edition book and as a kid I used to go through it and study the pages.” While the Duchess of Cambridge has yet to step out in a gown by Marchesa, Keren and Georgina exclaimed, “We would love to dress her.”


The designers' 2017 fall/winter collection drew inspiration from Imperial China Photo: Thomas Concordia/WireImage

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As for how they define a true princess gown, Georgina said, “I think it really is how a woman feels inside when she puts something on. I think if you feel good and you feel confident then you retain a certain aura that gives you that regal edge.” The designers’ most recent collection, which drew inspiration from Imperial China, is sure to make any woman feel like royalty. Keren and Georgia showcased their breathtaking 2017 fall/winter collection on Wednesday, February 15. The designers brought opulence to life with their colorful metallic embroideries, velvet bows and tulle creations, fit every bit for a princess, like Kate.

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