20 AUGUST 2004

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After donning Victorian costume for From Hell, 18th-century American garb in Sleepy Hollow and pirate gear in Pirates Of The Caribbean, actor Johnny Depp once again finds himself in a period piece in the upcoming Finding Neverland.

The movie, which tells the tale of how Peter Pan creator JM Barrie was inspired to write the children's classic, is set in 1904 London. And, as these new film stills show, the Hollywood star manages to look devastatingly handsome even as he dons conservative wool suits and a short, clean haircut for the lead role.

Co-starring with Johnny in the drama, directed by Monster's Ball filmmaker Marc Forster, is British actress Kate Winslet, who herself is no stranger to films set in the past.

It looks like fans won't be seeing Johnny in modern fashions for quite a while, as his upcoming projects as a 17th-century poet in The Libertine, Captain Jack in Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 and Willy Wonka in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory all feature the star in retro wardrobes.

Johnny is no stranger to period garb, having donned retro costume in flicks from Sleepy Hollow to Pirates Of The Caribbean
Photo: Rex
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The Hollywood hunk manages to maintain his pin-up worthy appeal, even in a conservative turn-of-the-century ensemble
Photo: Rex