23 NOVEMBER 2004

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Natalie Portman enjoyed a dashing escort from three of Britain's hottest acting talents when she stepped out in Los Angeles on Monday. The pretty actress was accompanied by Jude Law, Clive Owen and Ewan McGregor when she took to the red carpet for the screening of her latest flick.

Jude was his usual stylish self in a brown velvet suit over an open-necked shirt, while Clive was looking dapper in a sharply-cut navy ensemble. The two Englishmen star alongside Natalie in the romantic drama Closer, while Ewan joins her in the forthcoming Star Wars adventure Return Of The Sith.

Dressed in an elegant purple gown with plunging neckline, Nat seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the company of her leading men.

The three performers get the opportunity to show off their thespian skills in the new movie, which was directed by renowned filmmaker Mike Nichols. The flick, which also features Oscar-winner Julia Roberts, tells the story of two couples whose relationships are under strain. But its glamorous stars seemed to be getting on just fine when they set the flashbulbs blazing in Hollywood this week.

Clive and Jude share a joke with Natalie. The two British heart-throbs take the lead roles in Mike Nichols' latest movie
Photo: © Rex
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Scottish hunk Ewan McGregor, who stars with Natalie in the Star Wars movies, also turned out for the screening
Photo: © Rex

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