In trading Bollywood for Hollywood the Indian beauty acknowledges she is leaving her days of chaste onscreen romance behind her
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31 DECEMBER 2004

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As her first crossover film, Bride And Prejudice, sets to launch in the United States, Indian actress Aishwarya Rai has been speaking about her transition from Bollywood to Hollywood. In an interview on American TV, Aishwarya, who is a huge star in her homeland, especially highlighted the difference between Indian and American productions in their approach to on-screen romance.

While these days Tinseltown seems to take a virtually anything-goes attitude, even kissing remains a no-no in Indian films, where song and dance routines substitute for sex. “We'll cross the bridge when we reach it,” Aishwarya said, in reference to the possibility of having to undertake intimate scenes in the West. "Let's see. We'll work on the story, work on the scene. I'll work on the part.”

"In our society, you don't really see people around the street corner kissing or being extremely or overtly physically demonstrative," she said.

Despite being the face of numerous international ad campaigns, and having a huge following of online fans who've dedicated thousands of websites to her, the 30-year-old actress remains relatively unknown in the US. It remains to be seen whether Bride And Prejudice, which has been a huge hit in the UK, receives the same reception on the other side of the pond, giving Aishwarya the international status she hopes for.