Meghan Markle's co-star Patrick J. Adams on life back on set and if we can expect Prince Harry to make a cameo

by Alisandra Puliti

Suits is for lovers has certainly rung true in the past. Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey Spector, had a special someone play a possible love interest on the show in 2012 – his wife Jacinda Barrett. In 2015, Patrick J. Adams' now wife Troian Bellisario also had a guest appearance playing an eager law student. So the question remains if Meghan Markle will follow suit and have her royal boyfriend make a cameo.

While the USA Network show always keeps us on our toes, Patrick has his doubts. "I can say probably not," the 35-year-old told HELLO! ahead of the cast's panel at the ATX Festival in Austin, Texas of Prince Harry. "I think he has more important things to do at the moment."


Patrick and Meghan star on the popular show Suits Photo: Nigel Parry/USA Network

The 35-year-old and the royal made headlines last summer when their romance became public knowledge. Since then, there has been more attention surrounding the popular law drama, but for the cast, who is currently filming season seven, it is business as usual. "Honestly, it hasn't really changed. Nothing has changed that much," the actor, who plays her onscreen fiancé, said. "Meghan has been killing it this season. She comes to work and is super excited to be at work. It feels very normal."

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When not filming their 16-hour days, the cast usually takes the opportunity to meet up with their significant others. "If I'm not working, I'll fly back to L.A.," the Toronto native, who will be directing the 100th episode of the show, shared of making time to see his Pretty Little Liar. "Now that her show is wrapped, she'll come up more. Before we had to carve out a weekend for each other and now we can hang for a couple of weeks. It feels like a normal relationship."


The actor does not think Prince Harry will make a cameo on the legal drama series Photo: Shane Mahood/USA Network

The jet-setting relationship still rings true for the former Tig founder and Harry. Most recently, Meghan was able to join her 32-year-old boyfriend at Pippa Middleton's wedding in May. Nearing their own one-year anniversary, all signs show they may not be too far behind Patrick and Troian, whose wedding was revealed exclusively in HELLO! in December 2016. While royal enthusiasts keep a close eye in anticipation of another royal wedding, Patrick, who has admitted in the past he feels protective of his co-star, shared, "She is so deserving of all the great things that happen for her in this world."

One wedding that the fans may see is between Patrick and Meghan's characters, Mike Ross and Rachel Zane. Patrick joked, "They've been waiting long enough!"