Royal and celebrity mother-daughter look-alikes

Here is a look at celebrity mother-daughter duos that are making people do a double take.

Celebrity makeup free selfies: They woke up like this!

When it comes to beauty, what is more inspiring than seeing some of the biggest stars in Hollywood keep it real – and natural – in a no-makeup selfie.

Blossoming beauty: The best rose-scented perfumes, body lotions and face creams

The top rose-scented beauty buys that are infused with floral extracts, rosehip oil and other soothing elements.

Madonna filmed herself undergoing a 'fork facial', with her face being massaged using a fork-like tool wielded by celebrity skincare guru Tarin Skillets for the unusual treatment.

Photo: Instagram/@madonna

Madonna tried out a 'fork facial' – and we can't stop watching the video

Madonna filmed herself undergoing a 'fork facial' – an unusual treatment where fork-based tools are being rubbed over her face by celebrity skincare guru Tarin Skillets.

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