Styling advice: Do extensions shorten hair life?

Styling advice: Do extensions shorten hair life?


Actress Ashley Jensen of Extras and Ugly Betty fame says she was amazed when she reached Hollywood and discovered that the lusciously thick manes of hair sported by some of the most beautiful of superstars are often weaves.


But beauty doesn't come without a price. "In my experience, extensions can cause significant damage," says Lino at Daniel Galvin, London. "Having extensions attached is like hanging weights from your hair, causing tension at the roots and weakness along the hair itself. If it puts too much strain on the roots, it can even cause traction alopecia.


Synthetic hair also takes longer to dry than your natural hair. Real-hair extensions do, too, because there's more hair in an extension than in the section of your own hair to which it's attached. Either way, you have to carry on using the blowdryer long after your own hair is dry, exposing it to excess heat that causes even more irreparable damage.

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