Eyebrow microblading: what you need to know about the treatment


Bella Thorne caused a stir amongst fans this week when she took to Snapchat to give them a step-by-step look as she had her eyebrows tattooed. HELLO! Online caught up with beauty expert Karen Betts to find out more about this process, known as eyebrow microblading.


bella thorne

Bella Thorne had her eyebrows tattooed and documented it on Snapchat

Can you give us a brief overview of what microblading is and how it works?

"Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up technique which involves using a small, hand-held tool which is actually made up of very fine needles configured to deposit the pigment into the dermal layer. The micro needles implant pigment (in a colour tailored to suit you) to the brow in a 'featherlike' hair stroke technique which mimics the growth of natural hair and results in natural looking brows."

Are there any side effects to the microblading?

"No. There's a tiny amount of discomfort but it wouldn't be regarded as pain, rather the feeling of small little surface scratches. A topical anaesthetic cream can be applied to numb the area."


Make sure to research the process thoroughly if you're considering the treatment

What would be your biggest tip for someone considering microblading?

"Do your research, check training credentials, view the artist's portfolio and don't be afraid to verify that the work is that of the artist's and not courtesy of the company they have trained with. Microblading is not a technique you can master in one day but with a well-trained and certified technician there should be no risk. Be sure they offer a patch test, conduct a thorough consultation discussing shape, colour and expectations and take you through the appropriate aftercare."

Are there any aftercare products you would recommend?

"Aftercare advice is given on an individual basis after each treatment, but we produce our own soothing balm which we give to our clients to apply post treatment to assist with the healing."

karen betts

Eyebrow microblading is a semi-permanent make-up technique

What would you say is the most common reason people choose to try microblading?

"It is for those who don't want to fill in, shape and tint their brows every day, the physically active who don't want to sweat off their makeup, to the visually or motor-impaired who have trouble with make-up application and those who have hair loss such as alopecia, thinning hair or over-plucked eyebrows.

"A diverse group of people can use and have K.B Pro Brows, it really has no limitations. Although we do not tattoo fashion brows, sometimes a stronger look is more suitable for someone who wears lots of make-up all the time. Likewise, someone who never wears make-up would be more suited to a natural hair stroke brow."

karen betts

HELLO! Online spoke to expert Karen Betts about the treatment

What sets your K.B PRO treatment apart from other treatments?

"As part of our K.B Pro treatment we have launched our own patent pending Microblading tool which is like no other hand tool available in the industry and available exclusively for K.B Pro. The tool features a removable depth guard for safer, easier and faster treatment, sharper needles which deliver the finest stroke lines."

For more information about Karen Betts and K.B Pro, head to karenbetts.com 

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