Back to school backpacks - our pick of the best

Our pick of the best backpacks for your kids

Sarah Golisti

September means one thing to anyone with children: back to school and all the shopping and planning that requires. And while uniform and school shoes are fairly straight forward (you follow what school advises and head to a handful of well known school wear providers), the question of backpacks is a much wider one. So we’ve taken the hard work out of the decision for you! Here’s our pick of the best backpacks available depending on your priorities.

The best for security and tech-mad kids

bobby backpack theftproof

If public transport travel is part of your child’s school commute, having a secure backpack will be high on your list of priorities - after all there’s no more distracted person than a gossipping/iPhone playing school kid on his or her way home from school! The Bobby Compact backpack is a literal Fort Knox. No external zippers and thick, cut proof material, you literally need never worry about valuables being swiped from this backpack. Kids might be more enamoured by its sleek design and - wait for it - integrated USB port which you can connect to an internal power bank. So when their phone or tablet runs low, they can attach it to their bag for some more charge and carry on undisturbed. Seriously cool. It’s fully waterproof, ergonomically designed and full of hidden pockets for keys/snacks/things they shouldn’t take to school.

Buy the Bobby here for £79.95.

The best for avoiding backache

yuuschool backpack pain

Secondary school means lugging books. And a lot of students opt to lug all their books around at all times for fear of forgetting the one important item. This means a lot of weight on young, developing shoulders and for some parents, quite rightly, this is a real concern. The YUUschool is the answer to your worries. This backpack takes weight distribution to new levels: vertical compartmentalisation of pockets keeps weight higher up and closer to the spine. S-shaped padded straps are sewn close together to centralise the weight to the body. Deep pokets and security straps avoid weight faling to the middle of the bag causing pain and pressure.

Buy YUUschool here for £40

The best for eye-catching designs

hype backpack

Got a child who knows what they want? Pink? Green? Gold? Silver? Shiny? Sparkly? A backpack that looks like a galaxy far far away, as if the stars are being born and the comments are shooting? Hype have got you covered! A dazzling array of designs, there’s literally no limit to the choices your child can have. From Green Apple Glitter to Slime Foil and Supernova, these roomy backpacks have become a popular, yet, due to the multitude of different styles, individual choice for style-savvy kids up and down the country.

Buy the Hype backpack here from £24.99

The best for budget

amazonbasics budget backpack

Non nonsense here - if you want a bag that will carry your child's books and which you won’t feel worried about when they chuck it in the locker/on the playground floor/under their desk (and, let’s face it, this is what will happen on day 1) then the AmazonBasics Laptop Backpack is a great solution. At under £14, this all-black backpack has a laptop sleeve for keeping computers safe and a few quick access pockets to help with all-important organisation. A pocket for a water bottle on the outside too.

Buy the AmazonBasics laptop here for £13.39

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