EXCLUSIVE: Danny Jones and wife Georgia introduce baby Cooper – and open up about his dramatic birth

The proud parents welcomed baby Cooper on 27 January


In an exclusive photoshoot and interview in HELLO! magazine, Danny Jones and his wife Georgia introduce their son Cooper as they tell of their "overwhelming love" and reveal the dramatic story of his arrival. "It is just crazy that you can create this life, it is just an overload of love," Danny tells HELLO! of Cooper Alf Jones who was born on 27 January. "I keep looking at him and going we created him, we created those ears, those fingers, those toes...." The singer songwriter and McFly band member has taken to being a daddy like a natural. "It just melts my heart to see them together. As soon as Cooper was born and he went straight on to Danny’s chest, he was in bits," says new mum Georgia.


Danny Jones and wife Georgia introduce baby Cooper in this week's HELLO!

Cooper, who is seen in the exclusive photos with an impressive head of hair, arrived nine days after his due date but the dash to hospital is one they will never forget. Georgia was taking a bath when she had an overwhelming urge to push, and says, "I thought this baby is going to be born at home in the bath...or in the car." Danny says, "I would love to see that CCTV of us arriving at one o’clock in the morning. I was frantic. When we got to the birthing suite I skidded in like Del Boy and Rodney, grabbed the first wheelchair I could find but it had a dodgy wheel so I ended up going round and round in circles..." "...and I was sat with my hands between my legs trying to hold in the baby," Georgia tells the magazine.

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Cooper was born just 36 minutes after arriving at 1.36 in the morning. "All our plans for having lavender burning to keep us calm, and our favourite music playing went out of the window!" says Georgia. "I keep telling her how proud I am of her, my respect for her went through the roof," says Danny who is a mentor on The Voice Kids. "Our little man's a ledge and we are overwhelmed with love."

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