5 DIY beauty ingredients for glowing, healthy skin

by Chloe Best

If you're looking for another way to get smooth glowing skin and glossy hair, the solution may be closer to home than you think. With more and more of us searching for DIY beauty hacks, we've rounded up some of the top ingredients that will leave you feeling and looking better for less – and chances are you already have them in your kitchen cupboards.

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Oats: Using oats in your skincare routine might be the secret to achieving a Hollywood glow. Make like Gwyneth Paltrow and use them to make a gentle and effective exfoliator, which is especially suitable for anyone with sensitive skin. Try wrapping a handful of oats in a small piece of muslin cloth for an easy homemade body scrub that will both cleanse and hydrate the skin.


Sesame Oil: Much like coconut oil, sesame oil has the power to transform your beauty regime with an array of uses. Whether you want a deep conditioning hair mask, make-up remover or moisturiser, this will do the job.

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Avocado: So much more than a tasty breakfast option, avocado can also be a great skincare ingredient. The healthy fats in avocado help to moisturise skin naturally, while reducing any inflammation. Mash them into a face mask with Greek yoghurt and honey for an easy and completely natural skin soother.


Green Tea: Suffer from puffiness and dark circles around the eyes? Next time you treat yourself to a face mask (avocado, of course), place a dampened Green Tea teabag on each of your eyes while you relax. Their natural anti-oxidants will help to reduce any puffiness and leave you looking fresh faced.

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Matcha: Matcha is an even more powerful detoxifier than green tea thanks to its high chlorophyll content. Mix some high grade Matcha powder with a few drops of water or plain yoghurt to create a natural face mask that will soothe the skin, while deeply cleansing and reducing inflammation.

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