aquarius horoscope 2012

Celebrity Aquarius

Princess Mary of Denmark 05 February 1972

2012 forecast

Despite the mood in the air, the outlook is surprisingly good. For you, as an Aquarian, it is particularly encouraging because it takes you far away from something serious, towards the ability to experience great levity and joy. Remember that? Remember being happy? Remember waking up in the morning and feeling glad to be alive? Remember, day after day, when you weren’t forever weighed down with problems and issues? Well, here comes the rediscovery of that feeling. Honour it with a refusal to give yourself time - or a chance - to worry. Many people think that when challenges arise, we should all start looking for the most obvious, safe and predictable path to get us safely from here to where we need to be, sheltering from the financial storms along the way. Actually, this year, you need to be willing to take a chance - not a wild gamble, but an educated guess - of where you might best be placing yourself or what you might best be doing. The braver you are, the more your intuition is likely to lead you to openings - sometimes small, sometimes large, always reliable - which help you increase your level of comfort in life.