aquarius horoscope 2013

Celebrity Aquarius

Princess Mary of Denmark 05 February 1972

2013 forecast

As you'll know if you've been following my forecasts lately, a series of seven alignments are being formed between Uranus to Pluto from 2012 and 2015, tolling like a bell, seven times, to wake the whole planet up to new possibilities. And that's what's going on in your life.

Never before have you been so willing to experiment with new techniques and ideas, even if it means changing old-established habits. You've always been a person who isn't afraid to explore and experiment. Right now, you're especially willing to take the risks associated with fresh challenges and difficulties you weren't expecting. Happily, the planets are intending to bless you with a sanguine disposition, natural inner-wisdom and a way to cope. Your year will indeed be challenging and stressful.

But what is exciting about the coming months is your chance to go beyond the stress, and finally find feasible solutions to all problems. Your courage leads you to a point where your love life becomes sweeter and your financial situation becomes less worrying. Your creative abilities will blossom to the point where frankly, it doesn't really much matter what else is going on because you know that what you are doing is right, and thus the right things have to occur. Which they will!

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