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Celebrity Aries

Victoria Beckham 17 April 1974

2012 forecast

It is ironic that so many people seem to dread 2012 because, actually, it is a year that brings unparalleled opportunity to us all - and especially to you as an Aries. You can expect an encounter with someone who will bring the confidence, inspiration and insight you need to make possible what was previously only a dream. You’re going to discover what you are capable of, what you can change, who you can be and how you can make all that happen. The impact of that is going to last a long time and take you a long way. And who is this person? It is somebody you already know very well. It’s you! This increase in self-belief comes just in time to help you financially. Often in the past, when you have seen an opportunity, you have felt torn between competing for your chance and handing success on a platter to someone else by stepping back. Where you might normally have been inclined to give up, a part of you is now ready to fight on. And if you actually do believe in yourself and move forward, you will start dramatically improving your outlook in every way.