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Celebrity Aries

Victoria Beckham 17 April 1974

2014 forecast

You'll remember 2014 as the year you began to feel less uncomfortable about how key relationships were panning out. By relationships, I mean, important interactions not just romantic or business partnerships. If we know someone well enough to be annoyed by them, we've got a relationship, of a kind, with them! And if we are willing, we can turn that annoyance into mutual respect. Achieving such psychological alchemy involves going beyond the urge to avoid, and transcending, too, the impulse to confront. It involves accepting that other people are quixotic and challenging. Yet, so are you! Stressful circumstances have lately arisen, some of which you are still reeling from. But in dealing with these too, 2014's loveliest lesson will be the realisation that though perfection is never fully attainable, learning to coexist gracefully with imperfection can feel nearly perfect! Not everything is going to pan out beautifully but nor is it going to be a bad year. Regardless of your challenges, key improvements, brought about largely through your own efforts, will lift your spirits. And because you feel more relaxed, the choices you make will be based not on adverse reactions but on opportunities. And 2014 has plenty of those in store.