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Celebrity Cancer

Benedict Cumberbatch 19 July 1976

2012 forecast

Will we survive 2012? Of course. As a Cancerian, you don’t just survive; you experience something very magical. You get a real rare chance to face your fears, overcome your issues, transcend life-long difficulties and be gloriously liberated from some outmoded inhibitions. Will this be entirely easy? Absolutely not. Will it be worth all the challenge you may have to face and the inner courage you may have to show? Totally! There is only one policy you need to pursue - and that’s kindness. It’s very much in your nature to be this way - but in 2012, more than ever, you need to look at the people in your world and ask, ‘What do they need?’ Remember that, especially when it seems as if you can’t get what you need. Help people attain their goals and through your support of them, you will gain their support for you. What you give, you will get back. Where you are humble, you will be helped. Where you are honest, you will be understood. You needn’t feel as though anything is too much trouble to go to because actually, it’s the trouble that you go to for others in 2012 that will take trouble away from your life.