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Benedict Cumberbatch 19 July 1976

2013 forecast

Some people seemingly love to revel in gloom. It is as if they wear their unhappiness like a coat that protects them from the elements. 'If I'm already feeling rotten,' they figure, 'nothing can make me feel more rotten than I already feel. So I'm safe!' There have been times, lately, when you have felt able to identify with that logic.

The coming months require you to look at how we have all got aspects of ourselves that we think we had better hide or repress. Yet if we don't face what dwells in our shadow, somehow our shadow goes before us instead of behind us. What we don't shine the light of our own understanding on becomes more intensified in its darkness.

There is an aspect to your own personality that you have been preferring not to look at. When you occasionally find yourself in uncomfortable or frustrating situations, the tendency is to blame it on the fact that it isn't your fault. I am not saying that it is... but isn't it time we also looked at your own appetite for a kind of perverse mixture of pain and pleasure? You need to get to grips with that strange taste if you want to gain real power over yourself... and your destiny.

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