capricorn horoscope 2012

Celebrity Capricorn

The Duchess of Cambridge 09 January 1982

2012 forecast

Many people somehow now fear that we have lost our cosmic protection. They wonder if whatever used to make the human race ‘lucky’ might not be there any more. But, in your life, I can promise that much more is going to go right than you might yet expect. Indeed, something that has been wrong for a long while, can be put right. As you begin to recognise that you are safer than you thought you were, you can help encourage others to find a sense of safety in their lives. You may think that the only sensible thing you can do now is cut your coat according to your cloth, batten down your hatches and develop your talent for 'making do and mending' in circumstances where there just aren’t the chances there might once have been to expand and grow. Don’t fall into that trap. The year of 2012 will place you, time and time again, in a position where you can do something significant to increase and improve your worldly wealth and well-being. For you, success boils down to two little words which you already know well and do not fear... and now just have to remember: Hard work!