capricorn horoscope 2013

Celebrity Capricorn

The Duchess of Cambridge 09 January 1982

2013 forecast

When I say you have issues to face and problems to tackle, that is not me saying tough times lie ahead. It is me saying, 'How brilliant! You get to tackle problems, face issues and do something useful about them.'

You don't really solve any problem until you know something about what is causing it. And, sometimes, tracking the cause can be a bit like unpicking a tangled web. It can take a while and, if you don't want to break the structure of it, you may have to proceed slowly and carefully. You have got to show some respect for the issues you are up against and the people you are dealing with. There are some brilliant people who will be of tremendous help to you in 2013. Soon you'll experience the kind of transcendental exhilaration that only ever occurs to somebody when they have the courage to look into the face of something they feel scared of and say, 'Right. Go on. Do your worst. I am not frightened.'

With a combination of your faith in yourself and the rather wondrous support mechanism that begins to gather around you during the course of the entire year, you'll conquer a fear that has long had the better of you and, in the process, improve your life at every level.

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