capricorn horoscope 2014

Celebrity Capricorn

The Duchess of Cambridge 09 January 1982

2014 forecast

I'm not telling you that this is going to be an entirely easy year, nor is it guaranteed to be the most rewarding you have ever experienced. But it's going to be good. Although it must be said that the way we measure good and bad is a little trite. There can be wondrous gains in the midst of what might appear bad on the surface and uncomfortable experiences in situations which look very good from the outside. Life is now helping to steer you away from scenarios that look good but lack substance and towards things that may or may not look good, but certainly feel right. You will soon find it easier to address the issues that truly need to be addressed. You will develop the vital ability to express yourself with calm clarity even when you feel anger and exasperation. Having the maturity to handle yourself in this way will bless you with a sense of protection, even when other people might perceive you to be under attack. Thus 2014 brings strengthening and uplifting phases plus movements into a whole new realm of possibility. When you see problems, you know how to solve them. That will make this a most pleasing year.