sagittarius horoscope 2013

Celebrity Sagittarius

Taylor Swift 13 December 1989

2013 forecast

Everywhere you go in the next few months, you are going to be at the cutting-edge. No matter how you try to step back, you'll find yourself in the thick of things.

Though you can't go very far wrong you may well go through phases where you think, Why have I let this happen?' But that will be a bit like saying, as you find yourself riding a horse across a beautiful meadow, 'This horse is going a bit fast, what happens if anything goes wrong?' Well, what happens if it doesn't? What if you just have the most tremendously exhilarating gallop? Old emotional investments are starting to pay off. It turns out that your attempt to clear up old problems has helped you lay a firm foundation for future growth.

You just have to remember that it is always right at the edge of chaos and order that magic happens. If we venture too far into the realm of chaos, all we get is chaos. If we go too far into the realm of order, nothing shifts. But right there on the border is a shoreline which belongs to neither element. That is where you are walking and as you do, you are able to get the best of two worlds.

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