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2012 forecast

The experts tell us that the world faces a level of intensity it has never known before. But for you as a Gemini, it’s looking exceptionally good. You’ve got the transit of Venus taking place in your sign this year. That’s a rare and potent astrological alignment that promises to lighten your heart, brighten your outlook and help you feel better than you’ve ever felt about yourself and the people that you’re with. And, as I am sure you’ve long since noticed, when we feel good, good things happen to us. We attract positivity and we identify opportunity more easily. You’ve got a very encouraging outlook. Changes you go through and discoveries you make will enable you, somehow, to make the right choices, to see the right opportunities, to be graced with the right encounters. As long as you have your wits about you, these will all naturally translate into moves you can make, chances you can seize, doors you can open and gains you can make. All you really have to do is remain alert and alive to those possibilities. They really will present themselves in ways that are clear beyond all possibility of misunderstanding!