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2013 forecast

For you, 2013 will be exciting and rewarding. Yet it will also be exasperating, difficult and exhausting at times. Jupiter has been in Gemini for some while and continues for the first half of the year to bestow its blessings upon you. All this gives you positivity, energy, insight and enthusiasm.

But the real story of your year involves the alignments that take place between Uranus and Pluto and the way in which they too, align with Jupiter later this year as they call out to everyone on this planet, 'Wake up and see that different things are possible.' If you try to hang on to the way things used to be, you may end up feeling frustrated, yet you ought to be inspired. Something in the way that you look at material security is changing in a way that you can only benefit from. But what you once thought were the right techniques for success, are now overshadowed by new realisations. Life is saying to you, 'Think again, about where you sometimes allow a sense of guilt or overly pronounced responsibility to repress a creative urge that you ought to be exploring. 'This is a year during which the lid comes off, the limits go away, the feeling of being quite so stuck disappears and you explore a very real sense of new freedom.

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