leo horoscope 2012

Celebrity Leo

Jennifer Lawrence 15 August 1990

2012 forecast

We have all heard what kind of a year this is supposed to be. But what lies in store for you is one of the most joyous and pleasing discoveries anyone can ever make. You know the old saying, ‘friends in high places’? It turns out you’ve got those. You know some really influential folk. Although they aren’t necessarily the most important people in the eyes of the world, they are important in terms of what a difference they can make to you. You have real, true, dependable, helpful friends. You are about to feel more supported, more loved, more involved, more able to help others and more able to enjoy life than perhaps you’ve ever felt before. Cherish those contacts and connections. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them. Sometimes, we like to feel we’ve earned our every opportunity and we don’t want to go pulling favours or requesting special assistance. But when you’ve really got something valuable to offer, it may well be the people you are most closely connected to who can assist you the most significantly and who you can assist in return. That’s really all you need to be aware of in 2012.