leo horoscope 2013

Celebrity Leo

Jennifer Lawrence 15 August 1990

2013 forecast

Sometimes we get so good at looking at the negative, we don't even notice the positive when it is staring us in the face. But the story of your life in the next few months is of someone recognising where their obligations begin and end.

That isn't to say that you will be walking away from anything. You may even soon decide to give more of your heart to a noble cause. But when you do, you will be doing it because is it what you want to be doing and not because of what you feel is being expected of you. You'll break gloriously free. You'll stop feeling like a victim of circumstances or a cog in a great machine. You won't necessarily find freedom to go and live off nuts and berries in the forest but for the first time in a long time, you'll recognise the difference between what is done out of inspired choice and what is done out of a sense of guilt.

You will get the balance right. You will see what you don't have to do and why it is okay. Through that, will come such a renewed relationship with your own enthusiasm for life that the slight matters of improving your love life, sorting out your finances and attaining material success will pretty much take care of themselves.

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