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2012 forecast

While 2012 is not going to be the nightmare year some have imagined, it is true that there are some aspects of life, as it is lived in the modern world, that may not be sustainable much longer. They will have to evolve and change, but that won’t be a problem to you. Your year is about revealing a level of deep faith in yourself that you never really knew you had. You’ve spent a lot of time recently, struggling against difficult circumstances. Something changes this year. It becomes clear that you can start to thrive as never before. That, all on its own, will render you all but immune to the economic ‘virus of pessimism’ that is spreading itself around the world at the moment. It need not lay you low. Indeed, you are going to be in an excellent position to heal and help others, to influence belief and to create a new reality. By believing that something good can happen, you effectively make something good happen. As you start asserting yourself over adverse circumstances and giving yourself the opportunities that you need and deserve so, rather magically, the right opportunities will present themselves bringing all the rewards you require.