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You are someone who always has to win. Your partner is someone who will always refuse to lose. Some astrologers argue that yours is the most unlikely match in the zodiac. I suspect they may be missing the point.

You need someone who will always keep you on your toes. That's precisely what you have got here. The two of you will never see eye to eye for more than a nanosecond. And that's precisely why you'll always keep wanting to look into one another's eyes.

Yes you'll argue. Wildly. Ridiculously. But never for long. Or at least, never for long about the same thing. You'll find something new to fall out about every day. And that will keep the relationship gloriously fresh. It will also ensure that your mattress requires regular replacement. But better a broken spring than a broken heart. And the happy truth about this particular planetary pairing is that, if the two of you ever manage to stop trying to outdo each other long enough to form a partnership in the first place, you will probably manage to make it last forever.

There are of course, more factors than this to consider before we can declare you an ideal couple. But you have passed the first test. We will tackle the second in a few days time.

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