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There are advantages to this relationship. In theory, your loved one can be a great 'grounding influence' on you. With this person at your side, you can finish more of those tasks that you start but somehow lose interest in. You can become less impulsive and more thoughtful. You can also enjoy a lot of long, fulfilling embraces.

The problem has nothing to do with the level of mutual attraction. That's high, bordering on uncontrollable. It's in the fact that passion is not the only uncontrollable force in this partnership. You are one. Your desire to keep proving your independence is another.

Much though you may love having this person by your side, there will be times when their requests for re-assurance may tire you. That said, many couples of your type manage to enjoy lifelong happy marriages. There needs though, to be another dynamic at work in the relationship. You need to develop a key common interest - and a way to be amused, rather than outraged, when your partner gives you so many orders in such a no nonsense tone of voice.

You also need to consult the astrological love computer again, in a few days time, when we look to see what else, of a positive nature, you may have in common.

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