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Get ready to get rich. Quick. Get ready too, to spend it all in a weekend. Or to lose it all in one ill thought out investment that neither of you can see the drawback in. Your finances will fluctuate like a yo yo.

Nor will they be the only things that never stop going up and down. You'll have a lot of fun. You'll fancy each other something rotten. You'll tease and amuse one another. Boredom will never, ever set in.

Exasperation though, will be your constant companion. You will see, reflected back to you from your companion, the trickiest traits in your own personality. To compensate for your own excesses as well as theirs, you will try to be the sensible one. You won't manage it. And then you'll end up wanting to be more rash than ever, just because you are so cross with yourself for having tried to play a role that doesn't suit you.

This is a relationship that it is almost impossible to bring to an end. The attraction is strong - and you will both keep changing your mind about whether or not it is really working. Is this bad or good?

It depends on what else our astrological love computer tells us in a few days time... But its certainly not all bad. Just resolve to enjoy what's good about it. And resolve too, to maintain that attitude, one day at a time, forever.

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