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They say that heaven is a place on earth. They also of course, say the same about the other place. If you have turned to this reading because it you have an actual relationship of this kind, you will already know, for a fact, that one of those statements is true.

If you are 'just browsing' with a view to checking out a potential partner, you will probably want to know WHICH of those places you are likely to be transported to.

Let's put it this way. It will either be one or the other.

There's only one way to find out. For the first ten years or so, you probably won't be too sure. You'll probably decide to try another ten or twenty years, just to be on the safe side. The trouble is, if you are not careful, you will still go that way regardless of whether it is heaven or hell.

The attraction is strong. The ability to break the bond is small. The need to think very, very carefully is enormous. Unless of course, you are already in the relationship. In which case, we'd better look, in a few days time, at the other factors revealed by our love computer - just to make sure you both end up in the right place!

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