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You love this person dearly. Which is just as well, because there are times when this relationship costs you dearly.

Your partner is a little too loose with money... and with promises. "Yes of course we'll do this" you overhear your loved one saying, on the phone. "We'll take two of those. Sign us up to that. Come round whenever you like, it's no problem." And, of course, to your partner, none of it IS a problem.

Their desire to be spontaneous is endearing until it starts tying you to a commitment you don't want to make. You like to be consulted. You like time to mull things over. You like to reserve the right so say 'no. Your partner understands this. Heaven knows you have made the point often enough. Yet you are together with someone who often forgets to ask, fails to think and loves to say 'yes'.

We are seizing here, on a small but irritating drawback to an otherwise good relationship. We mustn't forget the steamy, sizzling rapport and the constant sense of stimulation. There may well be enough, here, to make this relationship a great success. Let's find out, in a few days time, when we run you both through the next part of the love computer.

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