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You have got what you deserve here. Someone who is as wacky, wild and irresponsible as you are. And just as proud of this! Oh, and just as indignant to hear themselves accused of all the above.

Read the last few sentences again please.

Notice how they contradict each other. That's how you contradict yourself, every day. It's also how your loved one does the same. You are both outrageously inconsistent. You both love to say one thing and do another.

Put you together and we don't just have a couple of nuts, we have a whole hazel tree. You match each other, whim for whim, fancy for fancy, idiosyncrasy for idiosyncrasy. You live together in a state of constant chaos. You both think it is the other's fault. The good news is, this hardly matters.

You can fulfil each others fantasies. You can provoke each other to new heights of daring. You can break all the rules of love and life - and get away with it. Assuming, of course, that you can ever find enough time with one another to develop a relationship in the first place. Some mutable/mutable pairs work better than others. In a few days time, we'll find out what else you both have going for you.

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