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This is not an easy relationship but it is, potentially, an immensely rewarding one.

It offers much needed fuel to the fire sign person. It brings much needed energy to the earth sign person's life. The trouble is, it also brings resistance, on both sides. The earth sign partner wants to resist being totally consumed. Fire breaks get dug. Fire pits get built. The earthy one tries to ensure that fiery one will only do as bidden.

The fire sign person though, wants to break all those rules. Fire does not appreciate being contained. A power struggle ensues. It is one that neither can ever win. And so, you might think, the relationship has little, other than a struggle, to offer. But fire loves a challenge. There is nothing that it will not try to envelop. Earth too, thrives on change and transformation.

When earth is heated up as far as possible, it becomes a bubbling mass of energy. It comes to life. It erupts, spectacularly. That kind of passion, in an earth sign person, can ONLY be created by the heat of fire. That's why the physical attraction is so strong. Every self respecting fire wants to make the maximum impact possible on its environment.

And every still, strong, silent mountain secretly wants to become a volcano.

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