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You match and complement each other in so many ways that you simply must be soul mates. And that's just wonderful. Er... isn't it?

In one way, of course it is. Your rapport is instant, genuine, deep and exciting. There's nothing you can't discuss, or share, or see each other's point of view about. You can talk to each other forever and a day. You can probably even read each others minds. You often feel sure that know just what your partner is going to say next. Yet you want to hear it all the same. You come from the same planet. Or rather, from the same sector of the stratosphere. For neither of you are exactly earthbound. And THAT is where the potential problem lies.

You ARE soul mates and, when you get together, you feel more like a pair of spiritual partners than a 'physical couple'. Most of the communication between you is ethereal, spiritual and cerebral. You generate exciting energy together - and you wander off together, for hours, down wonderful intellectual roads.

Your relationship exists at a level that not many outsiders can understand. But you both understand it and each other, perfectly. Almost TOO perfectly.

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