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What do we get when we mix air with water? Bubbles. What do we get when we mix water with air? Clouds. What do we get when we put the two of you together? A dreamy, floaty, sparkly, fizzy relationship.

It's a great combination. And you both know it. It's also a very fertile mixture.

Oxygenated water supports plenty of life. Humid air produces tremendous plant growth. And is there a problem? Maybe, just a teeny, weeny one.

The water sign person lives mainly in the realm of emotion. The water sign person is a natural intuitive who runs on feeling and instinct. The air sign person dwells in the realm of intellect. The air sign person has to work everything out logically and see a clever reason for every move that ever gets made. This drives the watery person bananas. The watery one says "Look, I can't explain why I feel what I feel but you have to trust me. I KNOW I am right." This in turn, sends the air person to banana-land. "Listen," comes the reply, "I CAN explain my point of view. I have thought everything through and I can PROVE I am right."

It is, of course, all part of the magic. And there IS plenty of magic. The pairing is one of the zodiac's best. But nothing on earth - or heaven - is ever, totally, unreservedly perfect... for long!

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