pisces horoscope 2012

Celebrity Pisces

Daniel Craig 02 March 1968

2012 forecast

There is a lot of concern in the world. Yet there is nothing for you to worry about - and a great deal for you to look forward to. In the course of the coming year, you get to understand so much more about where you belong, who you need to be with and who is right to be in your world. Then, the joyous discovery comes that those are not empty aspirations. They are attainable possibilities. This is a year during which things fall into place and you feel a tremendous sense of strength and support. Despite all the drama that appears to be taking place out in the world, in your world there is a sense of increasing security. Remember, though, the way to sustain and maintain that is to deepen your own faith in yourself. Be aware of your own talents. Remind yourself of what makes you special. Celebrate whatever makes you different and be proud of what you are so good at. When you are doing what you’re good at, the world beats a path to your door. People want what you have to offer and are very happy to reward you for it. As soon, you’ll see.