sagittarius horoscope 2012

Celebrity Sagittarius

Taylor Swift 13 December 1989

2012 forecast

Perhaps more than anything else in 2012, people fear the disintegration and collapse of structures, organisations and to some extent, relationships. We are just not sure what we can trust and who we can trust any more. That more reflects a ‘collective astrological anxiety’ than a true threat and it will heal itself slowly over time. But for you as a Sagittarian, it should heal itself quickly - because you, this year, discover something valuable about your own relationships with other people, with organisations, with institutions and perhaps most crucially, with yourself. You find out what you are capable of, how much you matter and how you can justify the confidence that others have in you. Your allegiances and alliances enable you to work with others in partnership in order to achieve many a success, which might otherwise be considered almost impossible in times like this. There are real needs that you are in a rare position of being able to help meet. Where you thought that your opportunities were most severely limited and restricted, you are suddenly going to recognise that in the midst of all the madness of a crazy year, real and amazing opportunities are opening up for you.